Mycelia est un outil libre de visualisation de donnée. Graph entités liens pour l'instant, visu diverses (géographiques, temporelle...) bientôt. Mycelia permet aussi la saisie de données collaborative multi-lingue avec gestion des droits d'accès.

  • mycelia-logo

    procedural logo source and experiments

  • mycelia

    Mycelia meta-package Full standalone mycelia package building and publishing. Here is the main continuous integration and delivery pipeline.

  • mycelia-front-app

    Mycelia server-less visualization UI and engine. Heart of Mycelia. Static build available to easily run Mycelia offline.

  • mycelia-server-nodejs

    Mycelia node.js server. Handle authentication, access-right, versioned, authored replicated persistence with git as data store. It also trigger multi instance deployment.

  • mycelia-web-site

    Mycelia official web site code-source

  • mycelia-dockers

    Recipes for testing env, hosting more...

  • mycelia-cli

    command line utilities to start a new project easily or similar stuff

  • mycelia-server-php

    Mycelia php server. For those who can only host in LAMP stack.

  • mycelia-doc

    Mycelia inceptive doc (Mycelia documentation using Mycelia) Wiki documentation also available. Project usable as living Mycelia usage example.

  • mycelia-big-data

    Mycelia advanced server designed for big data. If your data-set is really too big to be displayed on screen, you probably need this. Use this version of Mycelia to query your data and in-light the most relevant parts.

  • mycelia-platform

    Mycelia multi-project platform distribute Mycelia software as a service (SaaS). Host Mycelia platform and allow anyone to create and manage Mycelia projects in a few clicks.