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Commit 18e154e4 authored by cahfofpai's avatar cahfofpai

Change otp to uppercase OTP

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......@@ -104,5 +104,5 @@ Terrarium,,,,MI
Passgen,,,,MIT and others,password generator,"""Passgen - unique password generator written using Qt Quick Controls 2. Generates password based on (web) service name and master-password. Any inputted data or generated password doesn't be stored.""",,,,,0,QtQuick,,
Quicky in search of Mickey,,,,not specified,game,"""In a beautiful magical forest magic live animals. Among them are our friends Quicky and Mickey. But once Mickey got lost. What happened to him? Quicky will have to find his brother and unravel the mysteries of the magic forest.""",,,,,0,libGDX,,
PlasmaTube,,,,GPL-3+,online video player,"""Kirigami YouTube video player based on libmpv and youtube-dl""",,,,,0,Kirigami,"libmpv, youtube-dl","invidious API, YouTube"
OTP client,,,,GNU GPLv3,otp generator,"""OTP client for Plasma Mobile and Desktop.""",,,,,0,Kirigami,OATH Toolkit,
OTP client,,,,GNU GPLv3,OTP generator,"""OTP client for Plasma Mobile and Desktop.""",,,,,0,Kirigami,OATH Toolkit,
gtkbart,,,,GNU GPLv3,public transport,Public transportation client for the Bay Area Rapid Transit system,!$,,,!$!$ ,0,libhandy,,Bay Area Rapid Transit API
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