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To run METRo, you will need the following software packages:
* python 2.3 or greater
* python 3
* python :: numpy
* python :: libxml2
* gfortran
* libxml2 (see further for the right version)
* numpy 0.9.8 or +
== Prerequisite installation ==
=== Red hat | Mandriva | Debian (Knoppix, Ubuntu and other Debian based) ===
1. Install gfortran;
2. Be sure that you have python 2.3.0 or +.
3. Be sure that you have SWIG 1.3.20 or +.
4. Download the package numpy with you package manager or:
* Go to Numpy homepage and download the source:
* Become root and install the package
python install
5. You must have the library libxml2, release 2.6.9 or +. You must also have the corresponding python wrapper (python-libxml2).
* To know the release of libxml2 you have installed, do this following command:
ls /usr/lib | grep
* The written number represent the release you have installed. To avoid all conflicts, download the tarball with the corresponding release number and install.
=== Gentoo linux ===
Become root and
1. Install gcc with the compiler gfortran
USE="fortran" emerge sys-devel/gcc
2. Install/Update python at the release 2.3 or +
emerge -u dev-lang/python
3. Install/Update SWIG at the release 1.3.20 or +
emerge -u dev-lang/swig
4. Install/Update the package libxml2 at the release 2.6.9 or +
emerge -u dev-libs/libxml2
5. Install/Update the package numpy at the release 0.9.8 or +
emerge -u dev-python/numpy
== METRo software installation ==
1. Decompress the METRo software.
Ex: tar xjvf metro-x.x.x.tar.bz2
2. If there is more than one version of python on your system, set the environment variable PYTHON_INCLUDE to indicate the directory where you find the "include" of python 2.N, where 'N' is the python version..
Ex: export PYTHON_INCLUDE=/usr/local/include/python2.N
3. Execute the script with the destination directory as an argument.
2. Execute the script with the destination directory as an argument.
Ex: ./ /usr/local
4. To verify your installation, in the directory
3. To verify your installation, in the directory
......@@ -85,5 +40,18 @@ Become root and
was created successfully and the differences with
is only the element <production-date>.
diff path_to_metro/data/roadcast/roadcast_selftest*
< <production-date>2020-01-09T07:22Z</production-date>
> <production-date>2014-10-16T16:00Z</production-date>
Note: path_to_metro means the path to the top-level metro directory where metro
has been installed, not the directory where the original tar file was unpacked.
The location where the METRo source is unpacked is in a directory called
"metro-", e.g. metro-4.0.0, but the install directory will be named just "metro".
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