Commit ac38ad5f authored by peter-kutak's avatar peter-kutak
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verify if Lat,Lon is missing in station configuration

parent 2fad50c7
......@@ -95,7 +95,12 @@ class Metro_preprocess_fsint2(Metro_preprocess):
forecast_data = pForecast.get_data_collection()
pStation = self.get_infdata_reference('STATION')
station_data = pStation.get_data()
if station_data.get_latitude() is None or station_data.get_longitude() is None:
sMessage = _("Station position (latitude, longitude) is missing in station configuration file.")
if self.infdata_exist('HORIZON'):
pHorizon = self.get_infdata_reference('HORIZON')
horizon_data = pHorizon.get_data()
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