Commit a1ef4f79 authored by Miguel Tremblay's avatar Miguel Tremblay
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Removed numarray from the import.

Removed function get_nodes_in_numarray.
parent bf65fdc2
......@@ -49,7 +49,6 @@ Date: Somewhere in the summer 2004
import libxml2
import numarray
import metro_logger
from toolbox import metro_util
......@@ -219,16 +218,6 @@ class Metro_xml_libxml2:
return lNode
def get_nodes_in_numarray(self, dom, sXPath):
Same as get_nodes_in_list but return a numarray
lList = self.get_nodes_in_list(dom, sXPath)
naResult = numarray.array(map(lambda x: float(x),lList))
return naResult
def set_prop(self, node, sName, value):
Set an attribute to a node.
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