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You are currently reading the README file of the release 3.3.1 (September 2016)
== What is METRo ? ==
METRo stands for "Model of the Environment and Temperature of Roads".
It is a road weather forecast software. With the help of observations
......@@ -26,27 +20,12 @@ METRo is mainly written in python but also use fortran and C (to link the python
and the fortran).
== Documentation ==
## Documentation
Documentation can be found online at:
== Installing METRo ==
See man page in metro/usr/share/man/man1/ directory.
METRo uses needs the following software:
* python 2.3 or +
* gfortran
* python numpy
* libxml2 & libxslt
View INSTALL file for more information
== Contact us ==
## Contact us
You can join the METRo developer team at the address:
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