Commit 371db5b3 authored by Miguel Tremblay's avatar Miguel Tremblay
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Split the function __set_theoretical_flux in functions for IR and SF.

parent 93701f5d
...@@ -95,8 +95,12 @@ class Metro_preprocess_fsint2(Metro_preprocess): ...@@ -95,8 +95,12 @@ class Metro_preprocess_fsint2(Metro_preprocess):
forecast_data.get_interpolated_data(), \ forecast_data.get_interpolated_data(), \
station_data) station_data)
self.__print_info() self.__print_info()
self.__set_theoretical_flux(forecast_data.get_controlled_data(), \ # SF
forecast_data.get_interpolated_data()) self.__set_sf(forecast_data.get_controlled_data(),\
forecast_data.get_interpolated_data() )
# IR
forecast_data.get_interpolated_data() )
pForecast.set_data_collection(forecast_data) pForecast.set_data_collection(forecast_data)
pStation.set_data(station_data) pStation.set_data(station_data)
...@@ -119,24 +123,6 @@ class Metro_preprocess_fsint2(Metro_preprocess): ...@@ -119,24 +123,6 @@ class Metro_preprocess_fsint2(Metro_preprocess):
self.fLon = station_data.get_longitude() self.fLon = station_data.get_longitude()
self.__set_sunrise_sunset(wf_controlled_data) self.__set_sunrise_sunset(wf_controlled_data)
def __set_theoretical_flux(self, wf_controlled_data, \
The flux value of the forecast are calculated from the
position of the earth around the sun.
Notes: All times are in UTC. Since gives times over 24h,
special case is done with %24 (January 15th 2006 modifications).
wf_controlled_data (metro_data) : controlled data. Read-only
wf_interpolated_data (metro_data) : container of the interpolated data.
# SF
self.__set_sf(wf_controlled_data, wf_interpolated_data)
# IR
self.__set_ir(wf_controlled_data, wf_interpolated_data)
def __print_info(self): def __print_info(self):
""" """
Print the information about the sunrise/sunset computed for this Print the information about the sunrise/sunset computed for this
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