Commit 0c087178 authored by Miguel Tremblay's avatar Miguel Tremblay
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Add a 'if' to append if 'ir' and/or 'sf' is not given in forecast file and to...

Add a 'if' to append if 'ir' and/or 'sf' is not given in forecast file and to set in the case they are not.
parent cbf0f2b5
......@@ -55,6 +55,7 @@ from math import cos
import numpy
import metro_logger
import metro_config
import Sun
from toolbox import metro_physics
from toolbox import metro_util
......@@ -166,10 +167,15 @@ class Metro_preprocess_fsint2(Metro_preprocess):
(npCoeff1, npCoeff2) = metro_physics.get_cloud_coefficient(npCloudOctal)
npAT = wf_controlled_data.get_matrix_col('AT')
npIR = npCoeff1*npAT+npCoeff2
wf_controlled_data.set_matrix_col('IR', npIR)
npIR = metro_util.interpolate(npTime, npIR)
wf_interpolated_data.append_matrix_col('IR', npIR)
npIR2 = metro_util.interpolate(npTime, npIR)
if metro_config.get_value('IR'):
wf_controlled_data.set_matrix_col('IR', npIR)
wf_interpolated_data.set_matrix_col('IR', npIR2)
wf_controlled_data.append_matrix_col('IR', npIR)
wf_interpolated_data.append_matrix_col('IR', npIR2)
def __set_sf(self, wf_controlled_data, wf_interpolated_data):
......@@ -192,11 +198,15 @@ class Metro_preprocess_fsint2(Metro_preprocess):
# Set value in matrix
wf_controlled_data.set_matrix_col('SF', npSF)
# Set value in interpolated matrix.
npSF2 = metro_util.interpolate(npTime, npSF)
wf_interpolated_data.append_matrix_col('SF', npSF2)
print metro_config.get_value('SF')
if metro_config.get_value('SF'):
wf_controlled_data.set_matrix_col('SF', npSF)
wf_interpolated_data.set_matrix_col('SF', npSF)
wf_controlled_data.append_matrix_col('SF', npSF)
wf_interpolated_data.append_matrix_col('SF', npSF2)
def __set_sunrise_sunset(self, wf_controlled_data):
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