Commit 033c000c authored by Miguel Tremblay's avatar Miguel Tremblay
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Add a comment explaining why there is a check on the number "0.01" in the Wind Speed combination.

parent 6807f1a2
......@@ -262,6 +262,8 @@ class Metro_preprocess_combine(Metro_preprocess):
fCurrentObs = npWSO[nLenWSO-1]
fCurrentFor = npWS[nLenWSO-self.NTP-self.NTP2]
if fCurrentObs < fCurrentFor:
# The value of 0.01 is arbitrary. It is to avoid a division
# by a value too near of zero.
if fCurrentFor < 0.01:
fCurrentFor = 1.0
if fCurrentObs == 0:
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