Commit b5498454 authored by Eric Vidal's avatar Eric Vidal 💬

fix stralloc_0 behavior

parent ce797e5e
......@@ -103,10 +103,10 @@ static inline void info_help (void)
" name: displays the name of the tree\n"
" init: displays a boolean value of the initialization state\n"
" enabled: displays a boolean value of the enable state\n"
" start: displays a list of tree started before\n"
" start: displays the list of tree(s) started before\n"
" current: displays a boolean value of the current state\n"
" allowed: displays a list of allowed user to use the tree\n"
" symlink: displays the target of tree's symlinks\n"
" symlinks: displays the target of tree's symlinks\n"
" contents: displays the contents of the tree\n"
......@@ -292,7 +292,7 @@ static void info_display_allow(char const *field, char const *treename)
// force to close the string
auto_strings(tmp,src.s) ;
auto_string_from(tmp,src.len,treename,SS_RULES) ;
if (!sastr_dir_get(&sa,tmp,"",S_IFREG))
log_dieusys(LOG_EXIT_SYS,"get permissions of tree at: ",tmp) ;
......@@ -564,10 +564,11 @@ int main(int argc, char const *const *argv, char const *const *envp)
if (treename)
if (!stralloc_cats(&src,treename) ||
!stralloc_0(&src)) log_die_nomem("stralloc") ;
if (!auto_stra(&src,treename)) log_die_nomem("stralloc") ;
if (!scan_mode(src.s,S_IFDIR)) log_dieusys(LOG_EXIT_SYS,"find tree: ", src.s) ;
src.len = newlen ;
if (!stralloc_0(&src)) log_die_nomem("stralloc") ;
src.len-- ;
info_display_all(treename,what) ;
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