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      Use pkg-config for jsoncpp, libmpdclient and libmicrohttpd · a1c7cf74
      Jörg Krause authored
      libmpdclient, libmicrohttpd and jsoncpp provide a .pc file. Use
      pkg-config for detecting the libraries and for providing the necessary
      details for compiling and linking.
      The current build system of upmpdcli does not use PKG_CHECK_MODULES, but
      AC_LINK_IFELSE to detect jsoncpp. After bumping jsoncpp version from
      1.7.2 to 1.7.5 the detection fails, because the test program does not compile:
      In file included from
                       from test.c:1:
      error: 'int64_t' does not name a type
       typedef int64_t Int64;
      error: 'uint64_t' does not name a type
       typedef uint64_t UInt64;
      error: 'Int64' does not name a type
       typedef Int64 LargestInt;
      error: 'UInt64' does not name a type
       typedef UInt64 LargestUInt;
      In file included from
                       from test.c:1:
      error: 'UInt64' in namespace 'Json' does not name a type
         typedef Json::UInt64 UInt64;
      Instead of fixing the test program use PKG_CHECK_MODULES to check for
      Closes: #51
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      Fix unsafe header path when cross-compiling · e79123ac
      Jörg Krause authored
      Building upmpdcli aborts because of an unsafe header inclusion of
      `/usr/include/libupnpp`. Using `{prefix}` to get the header path is wrong for
      cross-compilation. Instead of hard-coding the flags for libupnpp use pkg-config
      to get the correct ones.
      Also expand the LIBS by upnpp_LIBS to set the necessary libraries for
      linking with libupnpp. This fixes static build issues.
      Signed-off-by: Jörg Krause's avatarJörg Krause <joerg.krause@embedded.rocks>
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