Commit c5e68c4a authored by Jean-Francois Dockes's avatar Jean-Francois Dockes
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debian/ubuntu: does not build on precise anymore

parent af9312f3
Source: upmpdcli
Section: contrib/sound
Priority: extra
Maintainer: Jean-Francois Dockes <>
Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 8.0.0), autotools-dev,
libmpdclient-dev, libmicrohttpd-dev, python-requests,
libupnpp3-dev, libupnp3-dev, libjsoncpp-dev
Standards-Version: 3.9.3
Package: upmpdcli
Architecture: any
Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}, ${misc:Depends}, adduser
Description: UPnP Media Renderer front-end to MPD, the Music Player Daemon
upmpdcli acts as an UPnP Media Renderer on the front-end so that you can
control it with any UPnP controller like, e.g. Audionet or BubbleUPnP on an
Android tablet. It uses an MPD instance to actually play the tracks.
A typical configuration might have for example, MPD running on a Raspberry
PI, with upmpdcli on the same host or any other Linux PC on the network.
Package: scweb
Architecture: all
Section: python
Depends: upmpdcli, ${python:Depends}
Description: web interface for controlling multiple Songcast Receivers
scweb is a web front-end to the scctl songcast receiver control command
#!/usr/bin/make -f
# -*- makefile -*-
# Sample debian/rules that uses debhelper.
# This file was originally written by Joey Hess and Craig Small.
# As a special exception, when this file is copied by dh-make into a
# dh-make output file, you may use that output file without restriction.
# This special exception was added by Craig Small in version 0.37 of dh-make.
# Uncomment this to turn on verbose mode.
#export DH_VERBOSE=1
# Use the following to use the needed non-default gcc-4.7 for wheezy raspbian
# export CXX=g++-4.7
dh $@ --with autotools-dev --parallel
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