Commit bb2136a6 authored by Jean-Francois Dockes's avatar Jean-Francois Dockes
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AC_INIT([upmpdcli], [1.4.9], [],
AC_INIT([upmpdcli], [1.4.10], [],
[upmpdcli], [])
upmpdcli (1.4.10-1~ppaPPAVERS~SERIES1) SERIES; urgency=low
* Update tidal token and set it in ohcredentials Get data to help bubble
discriminate working and non-working versions.
-- Jean-Francois Dockes <> Sun, 17 May 2020 10:42:00 +0100
upmpdcli (1.4.9-1~ppaPPAVERS~SERIES1) SERIES; urgency=low
* Support gmusic oauth login
Summary: UPnP Media Renderer front-end to MPD, the Music Player Daemon
Name: upmpdcli
Version: 1.4.9
Version: 1.4.10
Release: 1%{?dist}
Group: Applications/Multimedia
License: GPLv2+
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