Commit b2af539c authored by Jean-Francois Dockes's avatar Jean-Francois Dockes
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1.3 branch configure: check that libupnpp version < 0.17

parent d983389e
......@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ dnl AC_CHECK_LIB([upnp], [UpnpInit], [], AC_MSG_ERROR([libupnp not found]))
dnl AC_CHECK_LIB([curl], [curl_easy_init], [],AC_MSG_ERROR([libcurl not found]))
dnl AC_CHECK_LIB([expat], [XML_ParserCreate], [],AC_MSG_ERROR([libexpat not found]))
PKG_CHECK_MODULES([upnpp], [libupnpp], [], [AC_MSG_ERROR([libupnpp])])
PKG_CHECK_MODULES([upnpp], [libupnpp < 0.17], [], [AC_MSG_ERROR([libupnpp])])
PKG_CHECK_MODULES([libmpdclient], [libmpdclient], [],
[AC_MSG_ERROR([libmpdclient not found])])
SCCTL_LIBS="$LIBS $upnpp_LIBS $libmpdclient_LIBS"
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