Commit a335bc45 authored by Jean-Francois Dockes's avatar Jean-Francois Dockes
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remove gratuitous and warning-generating std::move use

parent 210544fb
......@@ -158,13 +158,13 @@ StreamProxy::UrlTransReturn translateurl(
if (method == StreamProxy::Proxy) {
if (!realplg->getname().compare("spotify")) {
fetcher = std::move(std::unique_ptr<NetFetch>(new SpotiFetch(url)));
fetcher = std::unique_ptr<NetFetch>(new SpotiFetch(url));
LOGERR("Spotify URL but Spotify not supported by build\n");
return StreamProxy::Error;
} else {
fetcher = std::move(std::unique_ptr<NetFetch>(new CurlFetch(url)));
fetcher = std::unique_ptr<NetFetch>(new CurlFetch(url));
return method;
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