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......@@ -151,7 +151,17 @@ Small improvements to the mediaserver modules.
where libnpupnp preserves the libupnp API. Most of the other changes
(switching to C++ internally, relying on expat, libcurl and
libmicrohttpd) had already be done at this point.
== 2020-02-06 upplay 1.4.3
- Better scaling in the player area.
- Improve column alignement in directory browser.
- Use new npupnp library on Debian
== 2019-11-03 upplay 1.4.2
Small improvements and fixes. Webengine support on Mac OS.
== 2019-10-15 upmpdcli 1.4.5
- Plug some of the memory leaks in the Spotify interface.
......@@ -164,6 +174,11 @@ Small improvements to the mediaserver modules.
- API cleanup: remove upnp.h and config.h from public interfaces.
- Fix crash with newer libstdc++ (buster).
== 2019-08-09 upplay 1.4.1
New display modes in the directory section, with more use of the album
covers, either inside the lists or as main presentation element.
== 2019-09-16 upmpdcli 1.4.4
- Add plgmicrohttphost variable to allow setting the host used in proxy
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