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= Upmpdcli release notes
== 2020-11-15 upmpdcli 1.5.0
- Separate the OpenHome and UPnP/AV UPnP devices. The latter will now show
up as <friendlyname>-UPnP/AV. Set upnpav=0 in the configuration if it
bothers you. This makes upmpdcli more standard, having separate devices
for the different sets of services instead of hosting them all under the
same device.
- Use the new libupnpp event management method by using the MPD idle
interface for generating events. Will both provide more timely generation
of events and no process activity whatsoever when not playing.
- Add configuration options for L16 support and IPV6 operation. These are
now off by default as they less useful than they are sources of trouble.
Especially, the UPnP/AV upmpdcli device now works well with Windows "Cast
to device" feature.
- Removed the gmusic plugin from the documentation and distribution. The Tidal
and Qobuz modules are still around, but untested.
== 2020-11-15 libupnpp 0.20.0
- Allow alternate method of event generation by letting the device code
run its event loop instead of polling the services for changes.
- Add new initialization method allowing easier extensibility of options.
== 2020-11-15 libnpupnp 4.0.14
- Fix parsing of UPnP description with multiple embedded devices.
- Small changes to improve performance and memory usage. Avoid std::regex use.
- Do not force the network to be above the application default of
49152. There was no reason to do this, the bug was inherited from
== 2020-11-02 libnpupnp 4.0.13
- Fix major performance degradation in XML quoting, which could for example
make reading big playlists very slow.
== 2020-10-04 libnpupnp 4.0.12
- By default, run with IPV4 only if IPV6 is unavailable (the previous
default was to fail if IPV4-only operation was not specified by setting
an ip address in the configuration.
== 2020-09-03 libnpupnp 4.0.11, libupnpp 0.19.4
- Install the include files in /usr/include/npupnp instead of
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