Commit 0a7d1e6b authored by Jean-Francois Dockes's avatar Jean-Francois Dockes
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uprcl untagged section: trimmed code, fixed sort

parent 4d379490
......@@ -14,34 +14,46 @@
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program. If not, see <>.
# Manage the 'untagged' section of the tree. Our selection is made of
# all tracks without a 'title' field. This is different from what
# Minimserver does (I think that more or less any field present makes
# a track not untagged for minim).
# Initialization filters the untagged tracks and creates a vector of
# indexes into the global doc vector.
# Object Id prefix: 0$uprcl$untagged
# Obect id inside the section: $u<idx> where <idx> is the document index
# inside the global document vector.
import os
import shlex
import urllib
import sys
from uprclutils import uplog, rcldoctoentry, rcldirentry, cmpentries
from uprclutils import uplog, rcldoctoentry, rcldirentry
untg_prefix = '0$uprcl$untagged'
# Create the untagged entries static vector by filtering the global
# doc vector, storing the indexes of all tracks without a title
# field. We keep a reference to the doc vector.
def recoll2untagged(docs):
global g_utidx, g_rcldocs
g_rcldocs = docs
# The -1 entry is because we use index 0 for our root.
g_utidx = [-1]
for docidx in range(len(docs)):
doc = docs[docidx]
if doc.mtype == 'inode/directory':
url = doc.getbinurl()
url = url[7:]
decoded = url.decode('utf-8')
decoded = urllib.quote(url).decode('utf-8')
tt = doc.title
if not tt:
if not doc.title:
# Compute index into our entries vector by 'parsing' the objid.
def _objidtoidx(pid):
if not pid.startswith(untg_prefix):
raise Exception("untagged.browse: bad pid %s" % pid)
......@@ -51,6 +63,7 @@ def _objidtoidx(pid):
idx = pid[len(untg_prefix):]
if not idx:
# Browsing the root.
idx = 0
if idx[1] != 'u':
......@@ -63,14 +76,15 @@ def _objidtoidx(pid):
return idx
# Return entry to be created in the top-level directory ([untagged]).
def rootentries(pid):
return [rcldirentry(pid + 'untagged', pid, '[untagged]'),]
# Browse method
# objid is like untagged$*u<index>
# flag is meta or children.
# objid is like untagged$u<index>
# flag is meta or children.
def browse(pid, flag, httphp, pathprefix):
idx = _objidtoidx(pid)
entries = []
......@@ -90,5 +104,4 @@ def browse(pid, flag, httphp, pathprefix):
if e:
return sorted(entries, cmp=cmpentries)
return sorted(entries, key=lambda entry: entry['tt'].lower())
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