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Recoll WebUI
**Recoll WebUI** is a Python-based web interface for **Recoll** text search
tool for Unix/Linux.
* WebUI homepage:
* Recoll homepage:
All you need to use the WebUI is:
* Python 2.x
* Recoll 1.18.1+
* web browser
**Recoll WebUI** can be used as a standalone application or through a web
server via WSGI/CGI. Regardless of the mode of operation you need Recoll
to be configured on your system as the WebUI only provides a front-end for
searching and does not handle index configuration etc.
Run ```` and connect to ``http://localhost:8080``.
To change the default port, edit ````.
Can't open files when Recoll WebUI is running on a server
By default links to files in the result list correspond to the file's
physical location on the server. If you have access to the file tree
via a local mountpoint or eg. ftp/http you can provide replacement
URLs in the WebUI settings. If in doubt, ask your network administrator.
Opening files via local links
For security reasons modern browsers prevent linking to local content from
'remote' pages. As a result URLs starting with file:// will not, by default,
be opened when linked from anything else than pages in file:// or when
accessed directly from the address bar. Here's ways of working around it:
1. Insert contents of ``examples/firefox-user.js`` into
2. Restart Firefox
Install *LocalLinks* extension:
1. Copy ``examples/`` into your PATH (eg. ``/usr/local/bin``)
2. Go to ``Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Programs > Add``
3. In ``Protocol`` field enter ``local-file``
4. Select ``Open with other application`` and enter ````
5. In WebUI settings replace all ``file://`` with ``local-file://``
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