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py: import rclconfig and use it

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#!/usr/bin/env python
import locale
import re
import os
import sys
import base64
class ConfSimple:
"""A ConfSimple class reads a recoll configuration file, which is a typical
ini file (see the Recoll manual). It's a dictionary of dictionaries which
lets you retrieve named values from the top level or a subsection"""
def __init__(self, confname, tildexp = False):
f = open(confname, 'r')
self.dotildexpand = tildexp
self.submaps = {}
def parseinput(self, f):
appending = False
line = ''
submapkey = ''
for cline in f:
cline = cline.rstrip("\r\n")
if appending:
line = line + cline
line = cline
line = line.strip()
if line == '' or line[0] == '#':
if line[len(line)-1] == '\\':
line = line[0:len(line)-1]
appending = True
appending = False
#print line
if line[0] == '[':
line = line.strip('[]')
if self.dotildexpand:
submapkey = os.path.expanduser(line)
submapkey = line
#print "Submapkey:", submapkey
nm, sep, value = line.partition('=')
if sep == '':
nm = nm.strip()
value = value.strip()
#print "Name:", nm, "Value:", value
if not self.submaps.has_key(submapkey):
self.submaps[submapkey] = {}
self.submaps[submapkey][nm] = value
def get(self, nm, sk = ''):
'''Returns None if not found, empty string if found empty'''
if not self.submaps.has_key(sk):
return None
if not self.submaps[sk].has_key(nm):
return None
return self.submaps[sk][nm]
def getNames(self, sk = ''):
if not self.submaps.has_key(sk):
return None
return self.submaps[sk].keys()
class ConfTree(ConfSimple):
"""A ConfTree adds path-hierarchical interpretation of the section keys,
which should be '/'-separated values. When a value is requested for a
given path, it will also be searched in the sections corresponding to
the ancestors. E.g. get(name, '/a/b') will also look in sections '/a' and
'/' or '' (the last 2 are equivalent"""
def get(self, nm, sk = ''):
if sk == '' or sk[0] != '/':
return ConfSimple.get(self, nm, sk)
if sk[len(sk)-1] != '/':
sk = sk + '/'
# Try all sk ancestors as submaps (/a/b/c-> /a/b/c, /a/b, /a, '')
while sk.find('/') != -1:
val = ConfSimple.get(self, nm, sk)
if val is not None:
return val
i = sk.rfind('/')
if i == -1:
sk = sk[:i]
return ConfSimple.get(self, nm)
class ConfStack:
""" A ConfStack manages the superposition of a list of Configuration
objects. Values are looked for in each object from the list until found.
This typically provides for defaults overriden by sparse values in the
topmost file."""
def __init__(self, nm, dirs, tp = 'simple'):
fnames = []
for dir in dirs:
fnm = os.path.join(dir, nm)
self._construct(tp, fnames)
def _construct(self, tp, fnames):
self.confs = []
for fname in fnames:
if tp.lower() == 'simple':
conf = ConfSimple(fname)
conf = ConfTree(fname)
def get(self, nm, sk = ''):
for conf in self.confs:
value = conf.get(nm, sk)
if value is not None:
return value
return None
class RclDynConf:
def __init__(self, fname): = ConfSimple(fname)
def getStringList(self, sk):
nms =
out = []
if nms is not None:
for nm in nms:
out.append(base64.b64decode(, sk)))
return out
class RclConfig:
def __init__(self, argcnf = None):
# Find configuration directory
if argcnf is not None:
self.confdir = os.path.abspath(argcnf)
elif os.environ.has_key("RECOLL_CONFDIR"):
self.confdir = os.environ["RECOLL_CONFDIR"]
self.confdir = os.path.expanduser("~/.recoll")
#print "Confdir: [%s]" % self.confdir
# Also find datadir. This is trickier because this is set by
# "configure" in the C code. We can only do our best. Have to
# choose a preference order. Use RECOLL_DATADIR if the order is wrong
self.datadir = None
if os.environ.has_key("RECOLL_DATADIR"):
self.datadir = os.environ["RECOLL_DATADIR"]
dirs = ("/opt/local", "/usr", "/usr/local")
for dir in dirs:
dd = os.path.join(dir, "share/recoll")
if os.path.exists(dd):
self.datadir = dd
if self.datadir is None:
self.datadir = "/usr/share/recoll"
#print "Datadir: [%s]" % self.datadir
self.cdirs = [self.confdir,]
self.cdirs.append(os.path.join(self.datadir, "examples"))
#print self.cdirs
self.config = ConfStack("recoll.conf", self.cdirs, "tree")
self.keydir = ''
def getConfDir(self):
return self.confdir
def setKeyDir(self, dir):
self.keydir = dir
def getConfParam(self, nm):
return self.config.get(nm, self.keydir)
class RclExtraDbs:
def __init__(self, config):
self.config = config
def getActDbs(self):
dyncfile = os.path.join(self.config.getConfDir(), "history")
dync = RclDynConf(dyncfile)
return dync.getStringList("actExtDbs")
......@@ -4,15 +4,6 @@ import os
import bottle
import time
import sys
from recoll import recoll
from recoll import rclextract
hasrclextract = True
import recoll
hasrclextract = False
import datetime
import glob
import hashlib
......@@ -23,12 +14,21 @@ import ConfigParser
import string
import shlex
import urllib
from pprint import pprint
# import recoll and rclextract
from recoll import recoll
from recoll import rclextract
hasrclextract = True
import recoll
hasrclextract = False
# import rclconfig system-wide or local copy
from recoll import rclconfig
import rclconfig
#{{{ settings
# recoll settings
RECOLL_CONFS = [ '$RECOLL_CONFDIR', '~/.recoll', '/usr/share/recoll/examples' ]
# settings defaults
'context': 30,
......@@ -97,34 +97,13 @@ def normalise_filename(fn):
out += "_"
return out
#{{{ recoll_get_config
def recoll_get_config():
# find recoll.conf
for d in RECOLL_CONFS:
d = os.path.expanduser(d)
d = os.path.expandvars(d)
if os.path.isdir(d):
confdir = d
# read recoll.conf
rc_ini_str = '[main]\n' + open(confdir + '/recoll.conf', 'r').read().replace('\\\n', '')
rc_ini_fp = StringIO.StringIO(rc_ini_str)
rc_ini = ConfigParser.RawConfigParser()
# parse recoll.conf
rc = {}
for s in rc_ini.sections():
rc[s] = {}
for k, v in rc_ini.items(s):
rc[s][k] = v
return confdir, rc
#{{{ get_config
def get_config():
config = {}
# get useful things from recoll.conf
config['confdir'], rc = recoll_get_config()
config['dirs'] = shlex.split(rc['main']['topdirs'])
rclconf = rclconfig.RclConfig()
config['confdir'] = rclconf.getConfDir()
config['dirs'] = shlex.split(rclconf.getConfParam('topdirs'))
# get config from cookies or defaults
for k, v in DEFAULTS.items():
value = select([bottle.request.get_cookie(k), v])
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