Commit 3504092c authored by Jean-Francois Dockes's avatar Jean-Francois Dockes
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Changed the value of set_cookie() 'expires' from 3x10**9 3x10**8 (10 years)

The initial value was triggering 2038 issues or some platforms (or pure
integer overflows, did not check). Also admit long as param type inside
set_cookie() as there does not seem to be any reason not to.
parent 9ed8494e
......@@ -1422,7 +1422,7 @@ class BaseResponse(object):
if key == 'expires':
if isinstance(value, (datedate, datetime)):
value = value.timetuple()
elif isinstance(value, (int, float)):
elif isinstance(value, (int, long, float)):
value = time.gmtime(value)
value = time.strftime("%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S GMT", value)
self._cookies[name][key.replace('_', '-')] = value
......@@ -342,10 +342,10 @@ def settings():
def set():
config = get_config()
for k, v in DEFAULTS.items():
bottle.response.set_cookie(k, str(bottle.request.query.get(k)), max_age=3153600000, expires=3153600000)
bottle.response.set_cookie(k, str(bottle.request.query.get(k)), max_age=3153600000, expires=315360000)
for d in config['dirs']:
cookie_name = 'mount_%s' % urllib.quote(d, '')
bottle.response.set_cookie(cookie_name, str(bottle.request.query.get('mount_%s' % d)), max_age=3153600000, expires=3153600000)
bottle.response.set_cookie(cookie_name, str(bottle.request.query.get('mount_%s' % d)), max_age=3153600000, expires=315360000)
#{{{ osd
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