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Jean-Francois Dockes <jf at>
:recollversion: 1.23.0-20170107-78b8ad
:recollversion: 1.23.0-2017-01-07-78b8ad
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Recoll versions 1.23.0-9c5e32-20161216 and 1.23.0-2bfd80-20161115 had been
switched to using Xapian 1.4 which has a new and different index
format. Due to issues in Xapian 1.4, I have switched back to using Xapian
1.2 as of Recoll 1.23.0-20170107-78b8ad.
1.2 as of Recoll 1.23.0-2017-01-07-78b8ad.
This simply means that, if your index was created by one of the above
versions, it will have to be recreated from scratch after installing the
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<title>Recoll 1.23 series release notes</title>
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<meta name="Description"
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<h1>Release notes for Recoll 1.23.x</h1>
<p><em>Installing over an older version</em>: 1.19-21 </p>
<p>Some of the input handlers were converted from shell scripts
to Python programs, and some helper dependancies changed. For
example, you will need to install python-libxml2 and
python-libxslt1 in most cases (for replacing xsltproc).</p>
<p>1.20-23 indexes are fully compatible. Installing 1.23
over an 1.19 index is possible, but there have been small
changes in the way compound words (e.g. email addresses) are
indexed, so it will be best to reset the index. Still, in a
pinch, 1.23 search can mostly use an 1.19 index. </p>
<p>Always reset the index if you do not know by which version it
was created (e.g.: you're not sure it's at least 1.18). The
best method is to quit all Recoll programs and delete the
index directory (<span class="literal">
rm -rf ~/.recoll/xapiandb</span>), then start <code>recoll</code>
or <code>recollindex</code>. <br>
<span class="literal">recollindex -z</span> will do the same
in most, but not all, cases. It's better to use
the <tt>rm</tt> method, which will also ensure that no debris
from older releases remain (e.g.: old stemming files which are
not used any more).</p>
<p>Case/diacritics sensitivity is off by default. It can be
turned on <em>only</em> by editing
recoll.conf (
<a href="usermanual/usermanual.html#RCL.INDEXING.CONFIG.SENS">
see the manual</a>). If you do so, you must then reset the
<h2>Changes in Recoll 1.23.0</h2>
<p>Recoll 1.23 has few user-visible changes. The relase was
created mostly because some of the minor feature changes are
critical from some niche Recoll uses (e.g.: the improved audio
file properties indexing), and because the changes to the
logging system were too extensive for a minor version.</p>
<li>Internal only: the code now uses some C++11 features
(e.g. std::threads, std::mutex) to replace home-grown
hacks. In consequence, a C++11 compiler is now required for
<li>Configuration: some list configuration variables,
namely <tt>skippedNames</tt>, <tt>noContentSuffixes</tt>,
and <tt>xallexcepts</tt>, have acquired variants suffixed
with <tt>+</tt> or <tt>-</tt> for adding or removing
values from the default value, which is a longish list,
which hence does not need to be copied for modification any
<li>New <tt>nomd5types</tt> variable for listing types of
files for which we should not compute an MD5 hash (used for
duplicates detection). See the manual for details. The
default list excludes the audio file types.</li>
<li>Unicode BOM detection for text files</li>
<li>Allow using full CSS style for term highlighting, not just
<li><em>execm</em> input handlers now have an alternate method
to set metadata fields, easier than HTML meta fields.</li>
<h2>Minor releases</h2>
<li>Fix advanced search 'start search' button doing
nothing under qt5.</li>
<li>Fix html escaping with newer versions of
<li>New Danish and Dutch messages.</li>
<li>Python module: do not limit result fetches to initial
Xapian result count, which is often underestimated.</li>
<li>Small bug fix in the text splitter: which resulted in
missing results when matching a file name extension
using, e.g. filename:doc$ instead of ext:doc.</li>
<li>Added suffix associations for .java and .sql, to fix
problems caused by the switch from 'file' to 'xdg-mime'.</li>
<li>Small fixes for building the KIO</li>
<li>Fixed debian packaging issues.</li>
<li>Sidestep bus error in qt exit code by calling _exit()
instead of exit() in GUI exit code.</li>
<li>Eliminate the dependance of on libX11.</li>
<li>Hungarian translation.</li>
<li>GUI: enable displaying the Xapian docid in the result
list with %x.</li>
<li>GUI, advanced search: fix crash which occurred when
restoring clause list bigger than the default size (6
<li>The documentation (user manual and man page) for
recoll.conf is now generated from the structured
comments in the sample file.</li>
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