Commit c60436a3 authored by Jean-Francois Dockes's avatar Jean-Francois Dockes
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only remove a fragment part from a file name if it looks like an html

branch : RECOLL_1_21_MAINT
parent 78155f46
......@@ -549,10 +549,17 @@ string fileurltolocalpath(string url)
url = url.substr(7, string::npos);
return string();
// Removing the fragment part. This is exclusively used when
// executing a viewer for the recoll manual, and we only strip the
// part after # if it is preceded by .html
string::size_type pos;
if ((pos = url.find_last_of("#")) != string::npos) {
if ((pos = url.rfind(".html#")) != string::npos) {
} else if ((pos = url.rfind(".htm#")) != string::npos) {
return url;
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