Commit 7e34f3f1 authored by Jean-Francois Dockes's avatar Jean-Francois Dockes
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Release 1.21.1 tagged

parent 6dfc032a
......@@ -162,3 +162,4 @@ e546afbecc6bcd2d3af8c083d4fbc2cb345f4108 RECOLL_1_20_0p1
cd9d0513b797337e51f6e41d6919d530829aa4ef RECOLL_1_20_0p2
264635f65a94989088c09aa3becc3bf1bdae99a5 RECOLL_1_20_1
371d5921692ebfd5f64459953f953cdf0024b1fa RECOLL_1_21_0
aa49378569744bc59162ca28cdce4b54a4ab6fea RECOLL_1_21_1
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