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<sect1 id="RCL.SEARCH.PTRANS">
<title>Path translations</title>
<para>In some cases, the document paths stored inside the index do
not match the actual ones, so that document
previews and accesses will fail. This can occur in a number of
<listitem><para>When using multiple indexes it is a relatively common
occurrence that some will actually reside on a remote volume, for
exemple mounted via NFS. In this case, the paths used to access
the documents on the local machine are not necessarily the same
than the ones used while indexing on the remote machine. For
example, <filename>/home/me</filename> may have been used as
a <literal>topdirs</literal> elements while indexing, but the
directory might be mounted
as <filename>/net/server/home/me</filename> on the local
<listitem><para>The case may also occur with removable
disks. It is perfectly possible to configure an index to
live with the documents on the removable disk, but it may
happen that the disk is not mounted at the same place so
that the documents paths from the index are
<listitem><para>As a last exemple, one could imagine that a big
directory has been moved, but that it is currently
inconvenient to run the indexer.</para></listitem>
<para>More generally, the path translation facility may be useful
whenever the documents paths seen by the indexer are not the same
as the ones which should be used at query time.</para>
<para>&RCL; has a facility for rewriting access paths when
extracting the data from the index. The translations can be
defined for the main index and for any additional query
<para>In the above NFS example, &RCL; could be instructed to
rewrite any <filename>file:///home/me</filename> URL from the
index to <filename>file:///net/server/home/me</filename>,
allowing accesses from the client.</para>
<para>The translations are defined in the
<filename>ptrans</filename></link> configuration file, which
can be edited by hand or from the GUI external indexes
configuration dialog.</para>
<sect1 id="RCL.SEARCH.LANG">
<title>The query language</title>
......@@ -5390,6 +5444,7 @@ x-my-tag = mailmytag
<title>The mimeview file</title>
......@@ -5501,6 +5556,32 @@ x-my-tag = mailmytag
<title>The <filename>ptrans</filename> file</title>
<para><filename>ptrans</filename> specifies query-time path
translations. These can be useful
in <link linkend="RCL.SEARCH.PTRANS">multiple
<para>The file has a section for any index which needs
translations, either the main one or additional query
indexes. The sections are named with the &XAP; index
directory names. No slash character should exist at the end
of the paths (all comparisons are textual). An exemple
should make things sufficiently clear</para>
/this/directory/moved = /to/this/place
/server/volume1/docdir = /net/server/volume1/docdir
/server/volume2/docdir = /net/server/volume2/docdir
<title>Examples of configuration adjustments</title>
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