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later versions. Bugs listed in the topmost section may also exist in older
<h2><a name="b_latest">recoll 1.21.7, 1.22.3</a></h2>
<h2><a name="b_latest">recoll 1.21.7, 1.22.3, 1.23.1</a></h2>
<li>The Recoll GUI configuration (things set from the <tt>GUI
Configuration</tt> menu) is stored in a file
named <tt>~/.config/</tt>, which is
completely distinct from the indexing configuration. There have
been several instances of problems leading to corruption of the
file in the past. If the Recoll GUI behaves strangely in any way
when starting up (crashes, starts slowly, uses a lot of
memory...), it may be worth it trying to move this file aside
and re-try starting the GUI.</li>
<li>There have been multiple occurrences of an indexing problem
resulting in a damaged index. The cause is not completely determined,
but there is a suspicion that a Xapian bug may be involved at least
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<li>Download the public key used to validate the repositories:
<div class="code">
wget -O - | sudo apt-key add -
<li>See <a href="../pages/signatures.html">here</a> for the
keys used to signed the repository. You will need to import
them to suppress <b>apt-get</b> messages about unverified
signatures (the method is described on the
<a href="../pages/signatures.html">same page</a>).</li>
<li>Create and edit <span class="filename">
......@@ -17,20 +17,7 @@ distribute the program, you probably know the GPL, else you should read it.
NOTE: As much as I have fun writing software, producing the Windows version is
just tedious. If you use Recoll on Windows, please consider contributing to
its availability: image:/donations/btn_donate_LG.gif
_Ok, so, in the last months, there have been hundreds of downloads of the
recoll-for-windows installer, and nobody used the donate button. I
certainly did not expect more than a small proportion of users to donate,
but *none* is sort of disturbing. The download files are gone while I
ponder if I'll just scrap the build or find a way to entice more
its availability: image:/donations/btn_donate_LG.gif[link="/donations/index.html"]
== Note for updating
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