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<div id="general">
<h2><a name="general">General information</a></h2>
<p>The current version is 1.23.0. <a href="release-1.23.html">Release
<p>The current version is 1.23.1. <a href="release-1.23.html">Release
<p>Recoll <a href="usermanual/usermanual.html#RCL.INSTALL">Installation
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<div id="source">
<h2><a name="source">Source</a></h2>
<h3>Current release distribution: 1.23.0:</h3>
<h3>Current release distribution: 1.23.1:</h3>
<!-- Attention: source packages must remain here, not in a
subdirectory, because of all the places they're referred from
(package watches) -->
<p><a href="recoll-1.23.0.tar.gz">recoll-1.23.0.tar.gz</a>.</p>
<p><a href="recoll-1.23.1.tar.gz">recoll-1.23.1.tar.gz</a>.</p>
<p><a href="release-1.23.html">Release notes</a>.</p>
<h3>Previous release: 1.22.4:</h3>
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<p>The current <span class="application">Recoll</span> version is
<a href="download.html">1.23.0</a>
<a href="download.html">1.23.1</a>
(<a href="release-1.23.html">Release notes</a>,
<a href="BUGS.html">known bugs</a>,
<a href="release-history.html">Release history</a>).</p>
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<div class="news">
<dt>2017-03-09</dt><dd>Release 1.23.0. See
<dt>2017-03-09</dt><dd>Release 1.23.1. See
the <a href="release-1.23.html">Release notes</a></dd>
<dt>2016-11-25</dt><dd>Release 1.22.4 is available and fixes
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<p><span class="application">Recoll</span> est un logiciel libre
gratuit, dont le code source est disponible sous licence GPL.
La dernière version est
<a class="important" href="download.html">1.23.0</a>
<a class="important" href="download.html">1.23.1</a>
(<a href="release-1.23.html">notes sur la version, en
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<h2>Nouvelles: </h2>
<dt>2017-03-09</dt><dd>Version 1.23.0.
<dt>2017-03-09</dt><dd>Version 1.23.1.
the <a href="release-1.23.html">Release notes (en
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recoll.conf (
<a href="usermanual/usermanual.html#RCL.INDEXING.CONFIG.SENS">
see the manual</a>). If you do so, you must then reset the
<h2>Minor releases at a glance</h2>
<li>Fixes for the KDE KIO slave build only.</li>
<h2>Changes in Recoll 1.23.0</h2>
......@@ -98,6 +109,7 @@
to set metadata fields, easier than HTML meta fields.</li>
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