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use the <filename>Makefile</filename> in the
<filename>query</filename> directory to build it. This is a very
simple program, and if you can program a little c++, you may find it
useful to taylor its output format to your needs.</para>
useful to taylor its output format to your needs. Not that recollq is
only really useful on systems where the Qt libraries (or even the X11
ones) are not available. Otherwise, just use <literal>recoll
-t</literal>, which takes the exact same parameters and options which
are described for <command>recollq</command></para>
<para><command>recollq</command> has a man page (not installed by
default, look in the <filename>doc/man</filename> directory). The
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
<title>Recoll 1.20 series release notes</title>
<title>Recoll 1.21 series release notes</title>
<meta name="Author" content="Jean-Francois Dockes">
<meta name="Description"
content="recoll is a simple full-text search system for unix and linux based on the powerful and mature xapian engine">
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<div class="content">
<h1>Release notes for Recoll 1.20.x</h1>
<h1>Release notes for Recoll 1.21.x</h1>
......@@ -55,8 +55,23 @@
see the manual</a>). If you do so, you must then reset the
<h2>Minor releases</h2>
<li>Force memory usage limits on external filters.</li>
<li>GUI: add Ctrl+l as a shortcut to return focus to the
search entry (compat with web browsers).</li>
<li>result list popup allows saving results from web cache
to files.</li>
<li>The web history indexer also processes non-html files
(e.g.: pdfs).</li>
<h2>Changes in Recoll 1.21</h2>
<h2>Changes in Recoll 1.21.0</h2>
<li>Allow saving queries to files and reloading them
......@@ -71,9 +86,10 @@
<li>Improve indexing speed by always using vfork() for
spawning external commands.</li>
<li>The pdf filter gains the capability to run OCR (tesseract) on
image-only files.</li>
<li>Improved check about when we should try to uncompress
stuff. Will eliminate some of the most dreadful case of
image-only files. This happens automatically on image-only
pdfs if tesseract is available.</li>
<li>Improved checks about when we should try to uncompress
stuff. Will eliminate some of the most dreadful cases of
recollindex having an impact on system performance.</li>
<li>Warn if non-existent paths are listed in the configuration
file (help with typos).</li>
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