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......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ Installing Recoll
At the very least, you will need to download and install the xapian core
package (I am currently using xapian version 0.8.5), and the qt runtime
package (I am currently using xapian version 0.9.2), and the qt runtime
and development packages (I am currently using qt 3.3.3).
You will most probably be able to find a binary package for qt for your
......@@ -72,19 +72,17 @@ Installing Recoll
Execute installrecoll targetdir, in the root of the source tree. This
Commands and common files
* Only if you have write access on targetdir/bin, copy qtgui/recoll and
index/recollindex to targetdir/bin (but you could also execute them
from their build directories).
* Only if you are not root check if ~/.recoll exists, and if it does
* Copy all files from sampleconf/* to ~/.recoll
* Copy all files from filters/* to ~/.recoll.
Either type make install or execute recollinstall targetdir, in the root
of the source tree. This will copy the commands to $targetdir/bin and the
sample configuration files to $targetdir/share/examples/recoll
Typically, you would execute the script once as root to install the
programs to /usr/local, and once as yourself to create the configuration.
Personal configuration
Either type make installme in the root of the source tree, or execute
recollinstall. This will copy the configuration files to the .recoll
directory in your home.
......@@ -94,12 +92,12 @@ Installing Recoll
The main configuration file is named ~/.recoll/recoll.conf.
There is a commented sample in the sampleconf subdirectory, it was copied
to ~/.recoll at the previous step, take a look and possibly edit it. By
A commented sample was copied to ~/.recoll by the installation. By
default, it will index your home directory.
Then start recollindex, and wait for indexing to complete (this may take
some time). When it's done, you can start recoll and try a search.
some time). When it's done, you can start recoll and try a search. See the
user manual for a little more details
Depending on what is installed on your system, you may also want to adjust
the external viewers defined in ~/.recoll/mimeconf (ie: html is either
......@@ -22,10 +22,10 @@ clean:
cd index; ${MAKE} clean
cd lib; ${MAKE} clean
cd bincimapmime; ${MAKE} clean
cd qtgui; rm -f recoll; ${MAKE} clean
cd query; ${MAKE} clean
cd utils; ${MAKE} clean
rm -f qtgui/Makefile qtgui/preview/Makefile
@-cd qtgui; ${MAKE} clean
rm -f qtgui/Makefile qtgui/preview/Makefile qtgui/recoll
install: all
./recollinstall ${PREFIX}
......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ Recoll
* An interactive configuration tool. You need to edit files by hand for
* Packages, rpm or other. It's all tar files currently.
* Documentation and help.
* More documentation and help.
* Translations for the user interface.
* A few more filters for less common file types.
......@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ TAGS
......@@ -40,16 +40,19 @@ A more complete version of this document can be found at
links -dump ~/projets/pagepers/recoll/index.html >> README
links -dump ~/projets/pagepers/recoll/credits.html >> README
links -dump ~/projets/pagepers/recoll/usermanual.html >> README
links -dump ~/projets/pagepers/recoll/installation.html >> INSTALL
echo "Dumping html documentation to text files"
links -dump ${RECOLLDOC}/index.html >> README
links -dump ${RECOLLDOC}/credits.html >> README
links -dump ${RECOLLDOC}/usermanual.html >> README
links -dump ${RECOLLDOC}/installation.html >> INSTALL
cvs commit -m '' README INSTALL
# Clean up this dir and copy the dist-specific files
make clean
yes | clean.O
$TAR chfX - excludefile . | (cd $topdir;$TAR xvf -)
$TAR chfX - excludefile . | (cd $topdir;$TAR xf -)
[ $dotag = "yes" ] && cvs tag -F $CVSTAG .
......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ rm -f index/recollindex qtgui/recoll
make static || exit 1
strip index/recollindex qtgui/recoll
files='COPYING README INSTALL installrecoll
files='COPYING README INSTALL recollinstall
filters sampleconf
index/recollindex qtgui/recoll'
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