Commit 1e59bebe authored by Jean-Francois Dockes's avatar Jean-Francois Dockes
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fix dist hook

parent fca5e195
......@@ -662,7 +662,8 @@ dist_man1_MANS = doc/man/recoll.1 doc/man/recollq.1 doc/man/recollindex.1
dist_man5_MANS = doc/man/recoll.conf.5
modified=`hg status | grep -v /$(distdir)/|grep -v debianunitysco`; \
modified=`hg status | \
grep -v /$(distdir)/|egrep -v 'debianunitysco|packaging|website'`; \
if test ! -z "$$modified"; then \
echo Local directory is modified: $$modified ; exit 1; fi
hg tag -f -m "Release $(VERSION) tagged" RECOLL-$(VERSION)
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