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......@@ -294,6 +294,17 @@ packages if you want use the source rpms.</p>
for <a href="fedora20">Fedora 20</a>. There are only x86_64 binaries
for now, use the source rpm for other archs.</p>
<h3>CentOS 7.1</h3>
<p>CentOS ships neither Xapian nor Recoll. <a href="centos71">Here are
some packages.</a>. There are only x86_64 binaries
for now, use the source rpm for other archs. As far as I know, the
only specific issue is that CentOS does not seem to have the Qt
WebKit module. The Recoll build uses QTextBrowser instead of a
WebKit QWebView, so no Javascript or advanced CSS in the result list
or snippets window for you.</p>
<p>Recoll is in the KDE:Extra repository. You just need to add the
......@@ -76,6 +76,12 @@
<p>However, if you are running a Recoll version older than 1.17,
you should really upgrade.</p>
<h2>PDF documents</h2>
<p>Fixded <a href="rclpdf">rclpdf</a> filter, compatible with
newer poppler pdftotext versions, which now properly escape
text inside the html <head> section (but not the body,
<h2>Scribus documents</h2>
<p>An improved <a href="rclscribus">rclscribus</a> filter,
thanks to Morten Langlo.</p>
......@@ -99,6 +99,12 @@
<dd>A new rclpdf filter, with improved compatibility with
recent poppler pdftotext
versions. See <a href="filters/filters.html">rclpdf
<dd>Recoll 1.21.0 is out. This has a new query parser and
should be considered an instable release, please do not
......@@ -118,6 +118,29 @@
<dt><a href="release-1.16.html">Release 1.16</a>: small
<li>Images displayed in preview window.</li>
<li>Save to file popup in preview.</li>
<li>Fields in advanced search.</li>
<li>Searches anchored to beginning or end of text.</li>
<li>Saving the result table to CSV.</li>
<li>Improved indentation in preview window.</li>
<dt><a href="release-1.15.html">Release 1.15</a>: results
<li>Optional spreadsheet presentation of results.</li>
<li>Clear search history.</li>
<li>Better thunderbird mbox format handling.</li>
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