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......@@ -146,6 +146,13 @@ GDPR.txt is not a magic file, it can only help you to establish your records of
The GDPR.txt file SHOULD be placed in the root folder of your project,
alongside your README.
### Why don’t you use an existing structured format? (e.g. <abbr>YAML</abbr>)
The GDPR.txt file is mostly intended to humans, not machines. The only usecase
for a machine I can imagine would be to validate a file. But for now, the
format is so simple that there is almost nothing to validate: I’m not even sure
it’s pertinent.
### I don’t collect any data, should I write a GDPR.txt?
It’s up to you, but it’s better if you do create a GDPR.txt file with a comment
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