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the network). It uses bcrypt to create the hashes.
### Who is using GDPR.txt?
There are few projects proposing a GDPR.txt file:
- [Castopod](https://code.castopod.org/adaures/castopod/-/blob/develop/GDPR.txt)
- [DNS Fediverse bot](https://framagit.org/bortzmeyer/mastodon-DNS-bot/-/blob/master/GDPR.txt)
- [dns-lg](https://framagit.org/bortzmeyer/dns-lg/-/blob/master/GDPR.txt)
- [flusio](https://github.com/flusio/flusio/blob/main/GDPR.txt)
- [MercrediFiction](https://framagit.org/bortzmeyer/MercrediFiction/-/blob/master/GDPR.txt)
## Contributing
If you have any questions, if you want to discuss about the format, or if you
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