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You can also override the default template by setting a `template` variable in
the Yaml header of pages and articles.
Last feature is the "serie" one. You might want to regroup several articles
because they are related. First, create a new folder under `articles`:
$ mkdir articles/my-serie
Then, let's write two articles with the following format:
title: First article of the serie
author: Enora
date: 2019-02-24 17:00
This is my first article.
If you call Boop!, you'll notice nothing different than before. Just note for
the moment that the articles are not generated under a `my-serie` folder.
To transform this folder into a serie, you'll have to create a `serie.html`
file. This is a normal page (so it is generated with the `page` template),
except that it is located under the `articles/` folder. So, write a
title: My serie
This is the main page of my serie!
Now, if you call the `` command, you'll notice two things: a new page
`site/serie/my-serie.html` and a new feed `site/feeds/my-serie.atom.xml`. The
feed obviously contains only the articles from the serie. You can also access
the serie object from the article template with `ARTICLE_SERIE`. The two most
interesting functions to use on this object are `title()` and `url()`.
Please note for the moment, you cannot access the list of serie's articles in
the `page` template nor from the `ARTICLE_SERIE` object so you'll have to
create the links to the articles manually.
## Template syntax
As explained above, you can create templates under the `./templates` folder.
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