Commit 6f2e5fde authored by Manu Beffara's avatar Manu Beffara
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Fixed text extraction for query operators.

parent 867814cb
......@@ -1444,7 +1444,12 @@ endfunction
" and the second argument is a printf template for the query.
function! s:operator (mode, format)
let range = [getpos("'[")[1:2], getpos("']")[1:2]]
if a:mode ==? 'v'
let range = [getpos("'<")[1:2], getpos("'>")[1:2]]
let range = [getpos("'[")[1:2], getpos("']")[1:2]]
call b:coq.log('r', 'operator', a:mode, range, a:format)
call b:coq.query(printf(a:format, s:range_text(range)))
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