Commit 2223093c authored by Adam Matoušek's avatar Adam Matoušek
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Recognise three dots as a sentence terminator.

Used in proofs with a default tactic.
(E.g. "Proof with auto. intros. inv H... Qed.")
parent 8bb03577
......@@ -121,7 +121,7 @@ endfunction
" otherwise (i.e. when the end of the buffer was reached). The argument
" indicates whether a match at the current position is accepted.
let s:coq_period_pattern = '\%(\.\@<!\)\.\_s\@=\|\([-+*]*\zs[-+*]\ze\_s\|[{}]\)'
let s:coq_period_pattern = '\%(\.\@<!\|\.\.\)\.\_s\@=\|\([-+*]*\zs[-+*]\ze\_s\|[{}]\)'
function! CoqNextPeriod (immediate)
let immediate = a:immediate
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