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      Merge commit '6856f18b' · df78a28e
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      Squashed 'malinette-ide/' changes from 527e5f6..d816188 · 6856f18b
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      d816188 up
      98f745e little
      b0da54f add cyclone/gate instead of gate, add _@-args$ on
      1a1c5a0 update docs
      18004fa arduino+osc-in
      40e3d3f brutbox micro deuxième argument et help
      fd6260b brutbox helps
      8aa6cc4 brutbox helps + debugs messages
      ca660eb brutbox helps
      722e631 typo
      e89cf46 audio-master rec toggle typo isRec instead of Rec
      d095c00 up docs v2.1
      7a0aa33 up INSTALL.md links to Pd.50
      411c28e activation des micros
      5c3ae78 bb : decouvrir les arguments pour les effets fx-
      bc6bcf4 bb : up new
      e60a0dc suppression argument fx
      9eaeb09 delete tubal of the list
      21210e8 up osc-in avec le bon format d'adresse slash
      d1ee011 bb-default: deplacer thisbb et up volumes
      30ea557 bb : up blank new
      1f98603 bb: reglages notes et synthe ateliers1 et 3
      git-subtree-dir: malinette-ide
      git-subtree-split: d8161887a09b093bcd79e116fed19095ca4ddaf3
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      update ide · c4540f73
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      Squashed 'malinette-ide/' changes from 77397146..f98994a7 · fdf07c59
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      f98994a7 update synth-emu help
      be314b3b update serializer help
      87949a95 update INSTALL
      fbd858f5 update INSTALL Linux : ./make typo and add libalsadev
      6b1e7a6e midi-sampler open bang was not linked to file
      3fb45ba5 midi-sampler open bang was not linked to file
      b11f1a11 update
      3421e0d0 pos-line 100 by default
      4c0c848d reset new.pd
      04505d94 change MouseState to mousestate new cylcone library typo
      43e0331d synth kick help
      1d406955 drums missing vibratoin toggle
      90aeee42 seq numbers : add bang/random from inlets and sl value
      git-subtree-dir: malinette-ide
      git-subtree-split: f98994a7cf858d2d9e9116c750e99793e21c5e55
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      Merge commit 'fdf07c59' · 0dd4b435
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      update completion-plugin · 62b0fd3c
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      Merge commit '0bff107c' · 68a73cff
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      Squashed 'malinette-ide/' changes from c4239d3..8f6a54a · 0bff107c
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      8f6a54a update INSTALL
      198f943 Docs: Update CHANGELOG, README, INSTALL
      0c52044 todo CHANGELOG
      596d67b update new INSTALL instructions and README
      7929e4d make_menu script clean
      267ffe0 clean docs & scripts > malinette-docs repository, clean projects
      git-subtree-dir: malinette-ide
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