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issue gem and mac os: gemmacoswindow

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Main changes come between v1 and v2. The v2 follows Pd Vanilla development, the v1 was based on Pd-extended which is obsolete.
## Issues
- Gem + Mac OS :
- [gemmacoswindow] failed to init GLEW: your system only supports openGL-1.0
- dans [gemwin] > [pd window] > [gemdefaultwindow], remplacer gemmacoswindow par gemglutwindow (sierra/el capitan) ou gemglfw3window (big sur)
- [pix_video] on Windows 10 [source]( and on Mac OS X
- Arduino Firmata with Arduino Micro on Mac OS X
- [pix_snap]: "GEM: Someone sent a bogus pointer to copy2Image"
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