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coquille sur l'example sample-indextools

parent a44aad4c
......@@ -2454,7 +2454,7 @@ defined}{}}}
\biblerefmap{Genesis}{1@Old Testament!1}
\biblerefmap{Exodus}{1@Old Testament!2}
......@@ -2473,12 +2473,12 @@ defined}{}}}
\biblerefmap{Corinthians1}{3@New Testament!7}
Something for the general index\index{general}{something}.
Something for the general index\index{something}.
An old testament reference \ibibleverse{Genesis}(1:1-10).
A new testament reference \ibibleverse{ICor}.
Something else for the general index\index{general}{another}.
Something else for the general index\index{another}.
Another old testament reference \ibibleverse{Ex}.
Another new testament reference \ibibleverse{Matt}.
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