Commit 76dffe9b authored by Maïeul Rouquette's avatar Maïeul Rouquette

un makefile minimal

parent 18c9bb72
FILES = *.bbx *.dbx *.lbx documentation makefile README
dist: all
rm -rf biblatex-subseries
mkdir biblatex-subseries
ln README *bbx *dbx *makefile biblatex-subseries
mkdir biblatex-subseries/documentation
ln documentation/*tex documentation/*bib documentation/*pdf documentation/makefile biblatex-subseries/documentation
$(RM) ../
zip -r ../ biblatex-subseries
$(MAKE) -C documentation clean
@$(RM) *.pdf *.toc *.aux *.out *.fdb_latexmk *.log *.bbl *.bcf *.blg *run.xml *.synctex.gz*
all: documentation/biblatex-subseries.tex documentation/example.bib
$(MAKE) -C documentation all
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