Commit 5b09bbf0 authored by Roelandt nicolas's avatar Roelandt nicolas

Merge branch 'master' into 'master'

génération document

See merge request !6
parents 78ccb77b 1e3d8048
container_name: liftr_container_c7c9f4c8_916d_4a99_9a60_56c048423398
container_name: liftr_container_d3b91943_d32c_43a6_97a7_c0fc7fec0ea4
image_name: document
docker_build_cmd: docker build --no-cache=false --rm=true -t="document" /home/niko/Rstuff/rapport/docs
docker_run_cmd: docker run --rm --name "liftr_container_c7c9f4c8_916d_4a99_9a60_56c048423398"
docker_run_cmd: docker run --rm --name "liftr_container_d3b91943_d32c_43a6_97a7_c0fc7fec0ea4"
-u `id -u $USER` -v "/home/niko/Rstuff/rapport/docs:/liftrroot/" document Rscript
-e "library('knitr');library('rmarkdown');library('shiny');setwd('/liftrroot/');render(input
= 'document.Rmd')"
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