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......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ For apps.csv, please add apps below existing apps.
* Please note: While this is important, a future iteration of this list will likely just include a repology badge, so don't invest all of your time into this!
### Add a new app
* Candidates are listed on [](
* Candidates are listed in [](
### Games to add to the game list (make sure to put it in in alphabetical order)
* AisleRiot (see
......@@ -30,12 +30,12 @@ For apps.csv, please add apps below existing apps.
* ~~Add games or Apps from "other games.csv" or "other apps.csv".~~
* fix typos :D
* check links again
* transition "Category" over to Freedesktop [categories]( and [Additional categories]( _feels painful, therefore not yet started._
* add Freedesktop [categories]( and [Additional categories]( to a new field, old categories are supposed to stay. _In progress_
* ~~transition "License" over to [SPDX identifiers](
* add URLs for appstream-files (per project) _in progress_
* add URLs for appstream-files (per project) _almost done, needs to be re-checked_
## Design tasks:
* Make AppStream Links work.
* ~~Make AppStream Links work.~~
* Improve mobile design generally.
* Implement a way to display screenshots and or app logos.
* Implement a form with the necessary fields for apps.csv generation for easier email submission.
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