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Added Pinephone Compass, a Proof of Concept Compass app.

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......@@ -287,3 +287,4 @@ OpenTodoList,,
Seahorse,,,,GPL-2.0-or-later AND LGPL-2.0-or-later,key management,"""A password and encryption key manager for GNOME.""",,"""With seahorse you can create and manage PGP keys, create and manage SSH keys, publish and retrieve keys from key servers, cache your passphrase so you don’t have to keep typing it and backup your keys and keyring.""",,,4,"GTK, libhandy",,,org.gnome.seahorse.Application,seahorse,"Almost fits the screen perfectly with release 40, just the ""Find Remote Keys"" and the ""Preferences"" page don't work in portrait, but are fine in landscape.",,seahorse (repo) seahorse-git,seahorse,seahorse,appstream://org.gnome.seahorse.Application,,"GTK,Utiltiy;GNOME","C, Vala",meson
Gnote,,,[]=gnote,GPL-3.0-only,note taking,"""Gnote started as a C++ port of Tomboy and has moved its own path later.""",,"""Gnote is a simple note-taking application for GNOME desktop environment. It allows you to capture your ideas, link them together using WikiWiki-style links, group together in notebooks and some extra features for everyday use.""",,,3,GTK,,,org.gnome.Gnote,gnote,"Scales well (reviewed release 40.1), only the settings menu does not fit the screen properly. But: Opening notes is tedious and requires the use of the enter key on the software keyboard.",,gnote (repo) ,gnote,gnote,appstream://org.gnome.Gnote,,"GTK,Utility;GNOME",C++,meson
postmarketOS Backup,,,,LGPL-3.0-or-later,backup,"""A backup application that integrates with apk to quickly backup and restore your system state in postmarketOS""",,,,,5,"GTK, libhandy",,,org.postmarketos.Backup,,,,,,,appstream://org.postmarketos.Backup,,"GTK,Utility",Python,meson
Pinephone Compass,,,,GPL-3.0-or-later,compass,"""This is a proof of concept of a simple compass app for the Pine64 Pinephone.""",,"""For the moment it only supports those hardware versions with the original LIS3MDL magnetometer chip (it was changed circa Q1 2021). The app is written in Python and interfaces with the magnetometer via its Linux Kernel driver. The graphical interface is currently a rudimentary implemetation using matplotlib's plotting capabilities.""",,,5,GTK,,,,,"Did not work as a compass in my initial testing on June 23rd, 2021.",,,,,,,"GTK,Utility",Python,
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