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Added Sol, Maui's convergent web browser

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......@@ -281,3 +281,4 @@ Scrum Poker,,,,MIT,utilities,"""A small gtk a
Pine Pass,,,,GPL-3.0-only,password manager,"""GUI for written with Python and GTK. Originally written for the PinePhone but should be compatible with most Linux distros.""",,,,,5,GTK,pass,,,,,,,,,,,"Utility,GTK",Python,flit
Tangram,,,,GPL-3.0-or-later,web app browser,"""Run web apps on your desktop""",,"""Tangram is a new kind of browser. It is designed to organize and run your Web applications. Each tab is persistent and independent. You can set multiple tabs with different accounts for the same application.""",,,4,GTK,,,re.sonny.Tangram,re.sonny.Tangram,,,tangram,,,appstream://re.sonny.Tangram,,"Network,GTK;WebBrowser",JavaScript,meson
Baconer,,,,"No license, all rights reserved.",social networks,"""Kirigami/ QT Reddit Client""",,,,,4,"QtQuick, Kirigami",,Reddit,,,"WIP, hard to rate: Fits the screen, but rendering of parts of the layout is bad on small screens and text disappears (see Screenshots).",,,,,,,"Network,Qt;WebBrowser","QML, C++, JavaScript",qmake
Sol,,,,LGPL-3.0-only ,web browser,"""A convergent web browser""",,,,,5,"MauiKit, Kirigami",QtWebEngine,,org.kde.sol,,"WIP, still buggy. Also I am not sure about the license, the repo is inconclusive.",,,,,appstream://org.kde.sol,,"Network,Qt;WebBrowser","QML, C++",cmake
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