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......@@ -284,3 +284,4 @@ Baconer,,,,"No license, all rights reserved.",
Sol,,,,LGPL-3.0-only ,web browser,"""A convergent web browser""",,,,,5,"MauiKit, Kirigami",QtWebEngine,,org.kde.sol,,"WIP, still buggy. Also I am not sure about the license, the repo is inconclusive.",,,,,appstream://org.kde.sol,,"Network,Qt;WebBrowser","QML, C++",cmake
Image Roll,,,,MIT,image viewer,"""Image Roll - simple and fast GTK image viewer with basic image manipulation tools. Written in Rust.""",,,,,5,GTK,,,com.github.weclaw1.ImageRoll,,,,image-roll image-roll-bin image-roll-git,,,appstream://com.github.weclaw1.ImageRoll,,"GTK,Graphics;Viewer",Rust,cargo
OpenTodoList,,,,GPL-3.0-or-later,productivity,"""A Todo List and Note Taking Application.""",,"""OpenTodoList is a todo list and note taking application. Organize todo lists, notes and images in libraries, which can be stored either completely local on the device you are working on (and hence ensure no information leaks out to untrusted third parties) or use the built in synchronization features which allows you to synchronize your libraries across devices using your self-hosted NextCloud or ownCloud server (or other WebDAV servers). In addition, a library is just a directory holding the items of your library as simple files - this allows you to use any kind of third party synchronization tool (like DropBox) to sync your information.""",,,5,QtQuick,,,net.rpdev.OpenTodoList,,,,opentodolist,,,appstream://net.rpdev.OpenTodoList,,"Qt,Utility","C++,QML",cmake
Seahorse,,,,GPL-2.0-or-later AND LGPL-2.0-or-later,key management,"""A password and encryption key manager for GNOME.""",,"""With seahorse you can create and manage PGP keys, create and manage SSH keys, publish and retrieve keys from key servers, cache your passphrase so you don’t have to keep typing it and backup your keys and keyring.""",,,4,"GTK, libhandy",,,org.gnome.seahorse.Application,seahorse,"Almost fits the screen perfectly with release 40, just the ""Find Remote Keys"" and the ""Preferences"" page don't work in portrait, but are fine in landscape.",,seahorse (repo) seahorse-git,seahorse,seahorse,appstream://org.gnome.seahorse.Application,,"GTK,Utilty;GNOME","C, Vala",meson
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