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Added Scrum Poker (GTK+Rust)

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......@@ -40,7 +40,6 @@ Candidates to be added
* apps, see also
### Needs initial testing
* Moody
* Retiled (Windows Phone style launcher)
......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ Podcasts,,
Contacts,,,,GPL-2.0-only ,contacts,"""A contacts manager for GNOME""",,"""Contacts organizes your contacts information from all your online and offline sources, providing a centralized place for managing your contacts.""",,,5,"GTK, libhandy",,,org.gnome.Contacts,,,,gnome-contacts (repo),gnome-contacts,gnome-contacts,appstream://org.gnome.Contacts,,,,
Games,,,,GPL-3.0-only ,game launcher,"""Simple game launcher for GNOME""",,"""Games is a game manager application for GNOME.""",,,,"GTK, libhandy",,,org.gnome.Games,,,,gnome-games (repo),gnome-games,gnome-games,appstream://org.gnome.Games,,,,
Okular,,,,GPL-2.0-only ,document viewer,"""Okular is a universal document viewer developed by KDE.""",,,,,5,Kirigami,,,,,todo: check appid,,,okular-mobile,okular-mobile,appstream://,,,,
ScrumPoker,,,,GPL-3.0-only ,,"""ScrumPoker is a simple and useful scrum planning poker App. It helps you by making your estimation meetings more effective.""",,,,,5,"GTK, libhandy",,,me.dcordero.scrumpoker,,,,,,,appstream://me.dcordero.scrumpoker,,,,
ScrumPoker,,,,GPL-3.0-only ,,"""ScrumPoker is a simple and useful scrum planning poker App. It helps you by making your estimation meetings more effective.""",,,,,5,"GTK, libhandy",,,me.dcordero.scrumpoker,,,,,,,appstream://me.dcordero.scrumpoker,,,Vala,meson
Organizer,,,,GPL-3.0-only ,file manager,"""Organizer is a GTK Python app to organize your files into neat categories! It does so by the filetype.""",,,,,5,"GTK, libhandy",,,org.librehunt.Organizer,,,,,,,appstream://org.librehunt.Organizer,,,,
QHumble,,,,GPL-3.0-only ,,Qhumble allows retrieving any content purchased from Humble Bundle that is DRM-Free.,no quotation,,,,,QtQuick,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Fragments,,,,GPL-3.0-only ,bittorrent client,"""Fragments is an easy to use BitTorrent client which follows the GNOME HIG and includes well thought-out features.""",,,,,5,"GTK, libhandy",,BitTorrent,de.haeckerfelix.Fragments,,,,fragments-git,,,appstream://de.haeckerfelix.Fragments,,,,
......@@ -277,3 +277,4 @@ Pyrocast,,,,GPL-3.0-or-later,podcast client,
pods,,,,"No license, all rights reserved.",podcast client,"""Cross platform Podcast app targetting the pinephone specifically (in early development)""",,,,,3,iced,,,,,"WIP, interface works once you get used to it. Window is not placed optimally in Phosh, hiding the title bar and showing a slice of the wallpaper.",,,,,,,"Network,Audio;Feed;Player",Rust,cargo
GNOME Weather,,,,GPL-2.0-or-later,weather app,"""Monitor the current weather conditions for your city, or anywhere in the world.""",,,,,5,"GTK, libhandy",,,org.gnome.Weather,,Mobile compliant since version 40,,gnome-weather-git gnome-weather (repo),gnome-weather,gnome-weather,appstream://org.gnome.Weather,,"Utility,GTK",JavaScript,meson
SBB,,,,MIT,public transport,"""A simple gtk app to get timetable information for swiss public transport.""",,,,,5,"GTK, libhandy",,,io.chefe.sbb,,,,,,,appstream://io.chefe.sbb,,"Utility,GTK",Rust,"make, cargo"
Scrum Poker,,,,MIT,utilities,"""A small gtk app to help estimate the effort for a task.""",,,,,5,GTK,,,io.chefe.scrumpoker,,,,,,,appstream://io.chefe.sbb,,"Utility,GTK",Rust,"make, cargo"
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