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Fix robots.txt

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......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@
"build:types": "tsc -b",
"build:test": "jest",
"build:vite": "vite build --mode ${npm_config_env}",
"build:sitemaps": "npx ts-node ./sitemaps/generer_sitemaps.ts & copyfiles sitemaps/sitemap_index.xml build -f",
"build:sitemaps": "npx ts-node ./sitemaps/generer_sitemaps.ts & copyfiles sitemaps/sitemap-index.xml build -f",
"build:copy-config": "copyfiles -a -u 2 \"config/${npm_config_env}/**/*\" build",
"build": "run-s clean build:types build:test build:vite build:sitemaps build:copy-config",
"serve": "vite preview --port 8088",
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