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Translated using Weblate (English)

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Translation: Gancio/Website
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......@@ -78,7 +78,9 @@
"fediverse": "Fediverse",
"skip": "Skip",
"delete": "Remove",
"announcements": "Announcements"
"announcements": "Announcements",
"url": "URL",
"place": "Place"
"login": {
"description": "By logging in you can publish new events.",
......@@ -190,7 +192,11 @@
"title_description": "It is used in the title of the page, in the subject line of the email, in the export of feeds and ics ",
"description_description": "It appears in the header next to the title",
"instance_place": "Indicative place of this instance",
"instance_name_help": "ActivityPub's account to follow"
"instance_name_help": "ActivityPub's account to follow",
"enable_trusted_instances": "Enable friendly instances",
"trusted_instances_help": "Friendly instances list will be shown in header",
"add_trusted_instance": "Add a friendly instance",
"instance_place_help": "The label to show in other's instances"
"auth": {
"not_confirmed": "Not confirmed yet...",
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