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new smtp string

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...@@ -219,7 +219,13 @@ ...@@ -219,7 +219,13 @@
"footer_links": "Footer links", "footer_links": "Footer links",
"delete_footer_link_confirm": "Sure to remove this link?", "delete_footer_link_confirm": "Sure to remove this link?",
"edit_place": "Edit place", "edit_place": "Edit place",
"new_announcement": "New announcement" "new_announcement": "New announcement",
"show_smtp_setup": "Email settings",
"smtp_hostname": "SMTP Hostname",
"smtp_description": "Gancio send email:<br/><ul><li>admins should receive emails of anon event (if enabled) to confirm them.</li><li>admins should receive emails of registration request (if enabled) to confirm them.</li><li>user should receive an email of registration requested.</li><li>user should receive an email of confirmed registration.</li>user should receive a confirmation email when subscribed directly by admin.</li></ul>",
"smtp_test_success": "A test email is sent to {admin_email}, please check your inbox",
"smtp_test_button": "Send a test email"
}, },
"auth": { "auth": {
"not_confirmed": "Not confirmed yet…", "not_confirmed": "Not confirmed yet…",
...@@ -265,7 +271,7 @@ ...@@ -265,7 +271,7 @@
"setup": { "setup": {
"check_db": "Check DB", "check_db": "Check DB",
"completed": "Setup completed", "completed": "Setup completed",
"completed_description": "Installation completed!<br/>You can now login with the following user: {email} / {password}. Please write to us at for any question.", "completed_description": "<p>Installation completed!<br/>You can now login with the following user:<br/>User: <b>{email}</b><br/>Password: <b>{password}<b/><br/><h2>!</h2></p>",
"start": "Start" "start": "Start"
} }
} }
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