Commit 7b8f6b69 authored by les's avatar les
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[fix] set default value for new settings on first run

parent 802ec5cd
...@@ -56,9 +56,12 @@ module.exports = { ...@@ -56,9 +56,12 @@ module.exports = {
const settings = require('./api/controller/settings') const settings = require('./api/controller/settings')
await settings.set('allow_registration', true) await settings.set('allow_registration', true)
await settings.set('allow_anon_event', true) await settings.set('allow_anon_event', true)
await settings.set('allow_recurrent_event', true) await settings.set('allow_recurrent_event', false)
await settings.set('recurrent_event_visible', true) await settings.set('recurrent_event_visible', true)
await settings.set('enable_federation', false) await settings.set('enable_federation', false)
await settings.set('enable_comments', false)
await settings.set('disable_gamification', true)
await settings.set('instance_timezone', 'Europe/Rome')
// add default notification // add default notification'Add default notification')'Add default notification')
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